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Upon enrolling in a course, you'll follow a structured timetable to ensure steady progress. Lisa will present 1-2 lessons per week, allowing you to delve deep into the subject matter while maintaining a manageable pace. As you advance, new lessons will unlock according to the timetable. If you've completed your learning, Lisa offers the option to revise and practice. Engage in unlimited practice sessions, including quizzes and challenges that Lisa tailors to your learning needs. Your scores will be conveniently displayed on your dashboard, offering a clear view of your progress.

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Cloud Labs

Hands-on experience is paramount in mastering AI concepts. That's why we offer a state-of-the-art Cloud Lab, where you can experiment, code, and apply your theoretical knowledge in a real-world environment. Our Cloud Lab provides a safe and scalable space to practice AI techniques, run experiments, and develop AI models without worrying about hardware limitations.

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Ai Tutors

At Avidia, we believe in the power of personalized learning. Our AI Tutors are at the forefront of this philosophy, providing you with individualized support and guidance throughout your educational journey. These intelligent companions adapt to your learning style, pace, and preferences, ensuring that you grasp complex AI concepts with ease.

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Highly Skilled Mentors

At Avidia, we understand that learning extends beyond textbooks and screens. Our team of High-Skilled Mentors comprises seasoned AI professionals who bring their industry expertise directly to you. These mentors are dedicated to guiding you through challenging concepts, answering your questions, and providing invaluable insights into real-world AI applications.

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Our Professional Team Members

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Karthik Deshmukh
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Saideep Reddy
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Anjali Arya
Content Lead and Mentor
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Ayush Kumar
Chief Editor
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Why Avidia?

It is a great experience!

Avidia stands as a beacon of AI education, guiding you towards a future where innovation knows no bounds. With AI Tutors, Cloud Labs, and High-Skilled Mentors by your side, we're committed to shaping AI enthusiasts into trailblazers of tomorrow. Join us on this journey, where learning and possibilities intertwine, and let's unlock the potential of AI together. Welcome to Avidia - where the future is within your grasp.

As we journey onward, remember that Avidia is not just a platform – it's a partner in your pursuit of AI mastery. Our commitment to quality, affordability, and continuous innovation will always be at the forefront of everything we do. Join us on this transformative adventure and become a part of the Avidia family, where learning knows no limits and the future is powered by knowledge.

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